Price Drop

Have you heard yet?

I am lowering the price on all my workshops.

I have gone MAD!

On November 1, I will be dropping the prices on all my workshops!

Let that sink in for a moment.

From the first day I started presenting workshops, my idea was to make them as affordable as possible so that anybody could attend.

You guys have proven to me over the past year or two that R250 – R300 per workshop is just too much. When I added the cost of venue hire on top of that price, it became LIDICULUS!

My prices had gone from R150 per Chakra workshop (R250 for all other crafty workshops), to a whopping R250 per chakra workshop. And workshops at other venues ended up running over R300 per person per workshop.


Because I sold out on other people’s dreams and ideals. Yeah, yeah! It happens to the best and the worst of us.

So, guess what happened when I upped my prices?

You guys proved to me that that is not where I am at! I enjoy and value the work that I do, and for that reason it was (and still is), most important that these workshops be as affordable as possible to make it available for anybody and everybody.

So, on this last full moon on October 5th (it was in Aries, no wonder! Take ACTION, says Aries!) I decided that it was time to be honest with myself, be honest with you, and stop chasing other people’s ideals.

Prices will be reduced on all workshops!

I REPEAT: Prices will be reduced on all workshops!

I will be going back to (almost) the original prices because, hey! Hashtag Inflation, you know! So I have to add a little bit to the original price for my own wet and dry (I learned that expression from my mother-in-law! Don’t you just love it?)

I am so excited and happy about this, I cannot begin to tell you!

ALL Chakra workshops

Venue: Indigo Spirit @ R160 p.p.
Venue: Amber Moon (and most other venues) @ R220 p.p.

Crafty/Speciality workshops

(Faeries, Crystals, Sacred Geo, Mandalas, Labyrinth, etc)
Venue: Indigo Spirit @ R210 p.p.
Venue: Amber Moon (and most other venues) @ R280 p.p.

Reiki Courses Price drop

Prices on Reiki courses will also be reduced


Six lessons over 5 weeks: R 1,600


Two consecutive classes: R 1,500


A year commitment (one class per month over 11 months): Price on request