September 2017 Newsletter

Me and my counselling

I only advocate living your own story. I am not an advocate for anything or any cause, other than that.

When someone arrives at my door, asking for my shoulder or a care to converse about their life, they seldom realise how much of them I see while we converse. The best way for me to describe what happens Read more “September 2017 Newsletter”

July 2017 Newsletter

Talking about chakras

(Please feel free to pass this on to anybody who may be interested in its content)

I am kicking off the month of July with a talk on managing your chakras. Most of us know about our chakras; we do a chakra cleanse here, meditate on them there; a little bit of this, a little bit of that… yet we hardly ever commit to keeping them all in line, in balance and in shape. Read more “July 2017 Newsletter”