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Talking about chakras

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I am kicking off the month of July with a talk on managing your chakras. Most of us know about our chakras; we do a chakra cleanse here, meditate on them there; a little bit of this, a little bit of that… yet we hardly ever commit to keeping them all in line, in balance and in shape.

From my own experience (and I am actually admitting guilt here!) we often want to focus on just one chakra! Most of the time, that chakra is the one chakra that is not even responsible for digesting your food, feeding your relationships, assist in processing your emotions or even able to regulate your breath! That chakra is….



Because everybody wants to be psychic!

The truth is, we are not just a psychic being. We have emotions, feelings, organs, and needs. We need to look at the whole system, and manage each and every chakra. Sometimes it is impractical to do so, or we believe that we need somebody else like a Reiki Master, to fix the problems we may be experiencing. The responsibility for fixing ourselves is not a responsibility we can shirk, or demand that somebody else do for us – we need to be accountable, responsible and pro-active in order for our own Ascension to take place.

That is why I am so excited about this short yet very effective, informative and powerful talk! In actual fact, I would like to refer to it as an information session! The system for managing our chakras is so simple, but it is also GREAT fun and can help to organise your own personal life at the same time. I am inviting you then, to come and listen to this FREE talk (yes! it is totally free – you only have to book, rock up and pay attention) on Saturday, 8 July at Amber Moon. You will find more details about the event here.

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