October 2017 Newsletter

Buddha Enlightenment Ascension


Quantum Leap your Ascension

Each month I run a chakra workshop on one of the TWELVE Ascension chakras. These workshops are more transformational than educational.

We are done with old paradigms.

We have to embody the New.

It is for this reason I spend very little time on a chakra’s old information. Workshops that relate to the seven physical chakras that we have grown accustomed to, will still be covering some of the basics, while the sub- and transpersonal chakras have very little information in terms of their older functions. With the latter, I trust to my Infinite Self to bring the most relevant information to my awareness, and let my intuition guide me to what is important.

Once we have dealt with the information, we move on to more philosophical content. I love to bring in subjects that stretches the mind and our perceptions; to bring about challenging new thought process and break away from old conditioned thinking. Not only will I open the floor to discussions, but will also give each delegate the opportunity to actively engage with the chakra. To do this, I often find exercises and activities that either relate or is directly connected to the chakra.

People who attend my workshops seldom go home empty handed! As part of the process I also invite each person to create, craft and blend their own synergistic oils, mandalas, prayer beads and more.

I challenge the old ways of thinking. Through these workshops I connect more and more of the dots that make up our Holographic Universe. It is no longer okay to just sit and breathe and chant; we need to look at and inside ourselves; at what we are holding onto in the places where energy needs to flow.

You are thus cordially invited to attend my chakra workshops. That is, if you are up for the challenge!

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