Group Meditations

Group Meditation

Group Meditations

 We live in exciting times. Our personal judgements classify the events around us either as good or bad.

When we open our hearts and live from a position of Love and not Fear, we begin to understand each other. We begin to see that the differences are only based on cultural background and social conditioning. Looking past these, we are all the same! We want the same things, we NEED the same things. And in recognising that, we allow ourselves to give freely and live harmoniously.

 A call has gone out for regular group meditations on weekday mornings. We now have weekly group meditations from 9am on Friday mornings. Sometimes we will do a beach meditation, if weather permits, but will always convene in front of Amber Moon Reiki and Crystal Healing Practice (Gordon’s Bay), 15mins before meditation. Anyone is welcome to join.

These meditations are free of charge, but you are welcome to make a donation if and when you can. A secret donation tin will be made available – please enquire at the front desk.

Should you or anybody you know, be interested in these meditations, kindly contact me. I have started a whatsApp group that will be used to co-ordinate our sessions.